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API security


About Us

How secure are your APIs?


Can you detect and respond to API threats in real-time?

Do you have live insights into your API activity and threats?

Are you concerned about third-party risks via your external APIs ?

Aiculus uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to detect and respond to API security threats across all your API traffic in real time. Our insights into the latest API-related threats strengthen your organisation’s defence in depth strategy even further.

So when you partner with us, you’re not just securing your APIs, your customer data, and your reputation: you also gain the confidence to expand and innovate with APIs.

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API Security

By 2021, 90% of web-enabled applications will have more attack surface area in exposed APIs rather than in the user interface (UI)*



Aiculus is a peerless API security solution deployed on-premise or in the cloud


Monitor and detect threats across all API traffic

The Aiculus API Protector monitors all your API traffic: between the client and server (North-South traffic), and between API endpoints (East-West traffic).

It screens each call to determine anomalous patterns and threat indicators, and detect API credential theft, compromised accounts and authentication bypass attacks.


Get a clear view of threats in your customised dashboard

Your Aiculus dashboard shows calls, threats and risk analyses across all your APIs. Investigate attempted API frauds, generate usage trends, and use the data to inform strategic decisions. Technical and executive reporting takes just moments.


Strategise with API insights and intelligence

Grow your business through an improved security posture based on our expertise and trusted advice. The actionable insights we gain by analysing your API traffic help you improve infrastructure planning and better manage API security risks.


Stop risky requests in real time

API Protector inspects every API call for misuse. It uses AI techniques such as machine learning and deep learning to perform behavioural analytics, and provide adaptive risk assessments in real time. If the risk is too high, the request is denied — and your systems stay secure.


Receive instant

updates on threats 

As we learn new API security patterns, we share those insights with you through our threat-intelligence sharing service. Join the Aiculus client community to keep your organisation ahead of the curve.


Prioritise privacy

Aiculus provides bespoke solutions to suit your organisation’s unique privacy profile and compliance obligations. Every implementation is private by design.

See Aiculus in action

How can Aiculus help you?

Security Teams

Increase your teams’ productivity, instantly.  

Aiculus eases the burden of processing large amounts of API traffic by doing the screening and analysis for you. Your dashboard lets you dive into specific aspects of API usage, investigate anomalous API behaviour, detect API threats, and respond faster allowing you more time to focus on making smarter decisions.


With Aiculus, you’ll always know your exact API security posture — and how to enhance it.


Our solution, backed by our proven machine learning engine, delivers state-of-the-art protection for your APIs, and peace of mind for you.  In addition, your dashboard makes it easy to understand API threats and risks, meet compliance obligations, and get the insights you need to future-proof your strategy.

SMBs and Start-Ups

Aiculus makes light work of API security for busy owner-operators and smaller teams.


By allowing you to leverage the full power of APIs as you innovate and grow, we help you build customer trust through improved protection, enabling your security engineers time to focus on other IT areas within your business.


How it works

Aiculus can sit inline or in a sideband deployment to screen streams of both North-South and East-West API traffic.

  1. API Protector intercepts authenticated API traffic after the API Gateway.

  2. It inspects each call, analysing it for threats and anomalous behaviour using our AI engine.

  3. It gives each call a risk index and analysis.

  4. The risk index is fed to the service-response logic, which determines whether to allow the request, re-authenticate the request or block the request altogether.

  5. The end user receives a response based on whether their request is allowed or not: either they get the service they’ve requested, they’re asked to reauthorise, or their request is blocked.

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Mobile phone_3_phone small.png

As API Protector analyses the millions of API calls your customers make, it learns and adapts its assessments in real time, to address new threats as they evolve. Each call and its analysis are stored for presentation in the Aiculus Dashboard, so you can drill deep into the data for analysis and remediation, and generate aggregated reports for API infrastructure planning and strategy-setting.

All this is supported by our threat-sharing service, which ensures your Aiculus implementation — and your business and customers — are protected from threats you haven’t even encountered yet.

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Our Leadership team

Aiculus is an innovative team of problem solvers with proven technical research and development expertise. Our experience across security platforms, coupled with our personal and cultural values, see us prioritise genuine client value above all else.

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Dr Omaru Maruatona

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Prior to founding Aiculus, Omaru was responsible for cybersecurity architecture, strategy and design at PwC. Omaru has also worked at Computershare in Cybersecurity, prior to which he was with the University of Ballarat Internet Commerce Security Research Institute on a Westpac funded initiative in applied Artificial Intelligence.
In addition to leading the Aiculus team, Omaru serves as a mentor in the CyRise accelerator and is an Advisor in the CyLon Go programme which aims to increase diversity in cybersecurity. Between 2018 and 2019, Omaru was one of three cybersecurity industry Professors at La Trobe university.
Omaru holds an honours degree (first class) in software engineering and a PhD in Applied Artificial Intelligence. As a thought leader in the application of artificial intelligence, APIs, cybersecurity and smart cities, Omaru publishes and speaks at industry and academic forums both locally and abroad. He holds the following cyber certifications: CISSP, CSSP, SABSA Architect, SANS and ITIL.
DRURY-Nicholas 137x137.jpg
  • LinkedIn

Nicholas Drury

FinTech Director

Nick provides coverage on all things fintech. His recent consulting engagements include advisory to governments, central banks, regulators and market participants in the financial services ecosystems across Africa and Asia undergoing deep digital transformation journeys with emerging technologies. 

His experience includes the design and implementation of open finance frameworks for Asian central banks, strategic risk analyses of future state payments landscapes, including design of national and cross-border payments infrastructure and CBDCs, and driving technological innovation to promote financial inclusion at G20.  He is an external advisor to a major global consultancy for a strategically important central bank client.

Nick is passionate about inclusive, sustainable growth in alternative finance and over 25 years' hands on experience with blue chip names in international banking and financial markets.  He ha published over 30 studies on technology-enabled financial innovation as a Global Research Lead for IBM, and co-authored studies on ‘Fintech regulation in Asia Pacific’ (2022) and ‘The ASEAN access to digital finance study’(2023), both published by Cambridge University. 

He holds an MBA in International Business and conducted research at INSEAD. He is also a Research Affiliate and Core Tutor on the FinTech and Regulatory Innovation programme at Cambridge University's Centre for Alternative Finance (CCAF), as well as tutor mentor at Mapua University in the Philippines.
  • LinkedIn

Solo Kombani

Chief Operating Officer

Solo's areas of expertise are in a range of key domains including innovation,  product, change management and business strategy.  He has honed his skills  designing, implementing and providing training in these areas.

With over 10 years’ experience in banking and finance, Solo joined Aiculus in 2018 where he is responsible for ensuring Aiculus is positioned to deliver on its vision and goals.
Before joining Aiculus, Solo held a number of roles at Vanguard, including as a founding member of the product management team. Prior to this he was tasked with leading the introduction of the Process Excellence Program across Vanguard Australia’s Strategy and Finance Group. Solo has also worked in various operational-related roles at Citigroup.
Solo holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Finance and Economics from Melbourne University. He serves as an advisor to the Australia-Somalia Research Partnership Program where he is a frequent panellist and speaker.
Scott Profile pic.png
  • LinkedIn

Scott van Eysden

CFO Advisory

Scott’s role is to provide financial integrity to Aiculus through the provision of commercial analysis, corporate finance and capital management services. In addition, Scott provides guidance on the overall financial controls, governance, and process environment, to ensure it continues to adapt and be adequate for growing and evolving needs of the business.

Scott brings over 15 years of experience in a range of senior finance roles. With a big 4 background at Deloitte, Scott has worked internationally in the UK and Ireland for companies such as Bacardi, AIG Insurance and Barclays, before returning to Australia and taking on roles at Bupa and now AGL Energy.

As a qualified Chartered Accountant (A&NZ), and with a double degree in both Finance and Information Services, Scott has built a broad and diverse skillset which includes, leading Commercial Finance / FP&A teams, driving best-in-class through finance transformations, providing due diligence for major projects and M&A’s, and leading new acquisition as CFO through to maturity and integration.
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Vanessa Sunassee

Cybersecurity, Risk & Compliance 

Vanessa ensures the security of our systems, processes, and people, aligning Aiculus with industry security standards for the benefit of our clients and stakeholders. With 15 years in Mauritian banking, she brings 8+ years of managerial and specialist experience in sales, operational bank mergers, customer service, risk, and compliance.

Vanessa holds certifications in CISM and ISO 27001 Lead Auditor, and she earned a Master of Cybersecurity from Edith Cowan University, an MBA from the University of Northampton, and a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Business Management from the University of Sunderland.

As a branch committee member of the Australian Information Security Association (AISA), she advocates for women in technology and cybersecurity. Vanessa is fluent in English, French, Hindi, and Creole.
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Johnny Le

Technology & Engineering

Johnny and his team provide technology and engineering expertise to Aiculus and its clients. He is the founder of DigiEx which provides RDaaS, Cloud Integration, Cloud Managed Service, software development, Emerging Tech R&D, as well as Digital Transformation Solutions. .
With more than 13 years of experience in software development, Johnny has progressed from roles as a software engineer and technical architect, to CTO and other executive-level positions and has a strong understanding of diverse technology ecosystems. 

He founded his first company, NIT Software, in 2015, using his expertise to grow and develop propriety systems and provide software outsourcing services, in this role he led 15 engineers and served 20 customers in the US, UK, and Japan.

In 2017, he was heavily involved in the launch of 689Cloud, a cloud-based content security platform, which allowed customers across Vietnam, Japan and Singapore to protect, track, and control critical content after sharing it. 



Putting the Aiculus machine learning engine to the test

Resources to help provide context on our solution, various use-cases and informative whitepapers we've published over the course of our journey.

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