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API Innovation vs API Security

Innovation in the security and monitoring of active APIs has significantly lagged behind the innovation of using APIs to provision products and services. This is a problem that is significantly costing organisations financially and reputationally.

Data is the new Gold

Reliable data is and will continue to be the competitive edge of the modern organisation. Unfortunately, the organisation’s ability to secure their data is perceived as a measure of their strength or weakness. This is why we are focusing on ensuring the security of organisations’ newest and most valuable technology service, the API.

Protecting Your Organisational Reputation

The most significant cost of breaches are not the fines or declines in share prices. These can be paid or insured against. The losses in reputation and trust however, take years to rebuild that are most costly.

Privacy by Design

Privacy is important to our customers, because it is important to our customers’ customers. We have designed our solution with privacy in mind.  Privacy should not be an afterthought, and is a key element in the design of our product.

Harambi API Protector

What is Harambi™ API Protector?

Harambi™ API Protector screens API traffic to automatically detect and stop fraudulent API calls that try to infiltrate your organisation’s data and services. Harambi™ API Protector uses advanced AI Machine Learning to monitor API traffic in real time; ​and is configurable to do this without consuming sensitive or personally identifiable information; ensuring the highest privacy standards are maintained. Technical, Summary and Executive Level reports can scheduled or generated on-demand to provide much needed visibility, trend analysis and insights into API traffic and threats.

For the modern forward looking organisation that uses APIs Harambi™ is an essential tool for the API security and efficiency.



Executive Users: Senior Cyber and Risk stakeholders such as the Chief Technical/Risk/Security Officer use Harambi API protector to:


  • Generate executive API Threat and Risk summary reports.

  • View executive dashboards for instant trends and snapshots on API insights.

  • Gather critical input on API infrastructure strategic planning.

Use Cases

Technical Users: Harambi™ API Protector helps technical Cyber professionals including SOC/Technical/Risk/Security Analysts to:

  • Stop risky API transactions and calls in real time.

  • Filter and generate trends on API security and usage.

  • Investigate attempted API frauds and other attacks on the API gateway

  • Generate detailed technical API security reports.


About Us

Aiculus helps organisations embrace new technologies without increasing their risk profile. Our specialty is applying advances in Artificial Intelligence to secure APIs.  

Our mission is to help organisations take full advantage of advances in technology while securely protecting their privacy, data and systems.   

To support our broader mission, we also provide customised Cyber Security and Artificial Intelligence services.

Our Technology

Our API security solution Harambi™ is artificial intelligence driven and autonomously builds behavioural profiles of safe API activity. This does away with lengthy rules and set ups, or the need to continuously update attack signatures.

Harambi™ is able to do this without consuming sensitive or personally identifiable information. Thus ensuring the highest privacy standards.

Detailed and summary reports can be generated on demand to provide visibility and insights on API traffic and threats.


Partner with Aiculus

We at Aiculus believe when it comes to securing clients assets and data collaboration is a far more superior strategy than competition.

We are always looking for like-minded organisations and individuals to partner with in furthering the cause and contributing to the cyber ecosystem.


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