API security



How secure are your APIs?


Can you detect and respond to API threats in real-time?

Do you have live insights into your API activity and threats?

Are you concerned about third-party risks via your external APIs ?

Aiculus uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to detect and respond to API security threats across all your API traffic in real time. Our insights into the latest API-related threats strengthen your organisation’s defence in depth strategy even further.

So when you partner with us, you’re not just securing your APIs, your customer data, and your reputation: you also gain the confidence to expand and innovate with APIs.

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By 2021, 90% of web-enabled applications will have more attack surface area in exposed APIs rather than in the user interface (UI)*



Aiculus is a peerless API security solution deployed on-premise or in the cloud


Monitor and detect threats across all API traffic

The Aiculus API Protector monitors all your API traffic: between the client and server (North-South traffic), and between API endpoints (East-West traffic).

It screens each call to determine anomalous patterns and threat indicators, and detect API credential theft, compromised accounts and authentication bypass attacks.


Get a clear view of threats in your customised dashboard

Your Aiculus dashboard shows calls, threats and risk analyses across all your APIs. Investigate attempted API frauds, generate usage trends, and use the data to inform strategic decisions. Technical and executive reporting takes just moments.


Strategise with API insights and intelligence

Grow your business through an improved security posture based on our expertise and trusted advice. The actionable insights we gain by analysing your API traffic help you improve infrastructure planning and better manage API security risks.


Stop risky requests in real time

API Protector inspects every API call for misuse. It uses AI techniques such as machine learning and deep learning to perform behavioural analytics, and provide adaptive risk assessments in real time. If the risk is too high, the request is denied — and your systems stay secure.


Receive instant

updates on threats