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Terms and Conditions

By accessing our site, you agree to below Terms and Conditions as well as our Privacy Policy which is available on our site. 

Changes to the Terms and Conditions

Aiculus reserves the right to change its Terms and Conditions and all varied terms will be published on this site. You are advised to regularly check our site to be aware of all current terms.

Where an Aiculus website user fails to comply with his/her obligations under this clause Aiculus may in its absolute discretion refuse to provide the service.

Unless Aiculus and an Aiculus website user have a separate written agreement on terms and conditions for any service, these Aiculus Terms and Conditions exclusively set out the rights and obligations between Aiculus and our website user.

In consideration of Aiculus providing this website’s services to a user, the user agrees to comply with the following Aiculus Terms and Conditions.

No unlawful, infringing or offensive activity

The Aiculus website user is not allowed to use content from this website to share or promote things that may harm or offend. These include:

  • Insulting, misleading, discriminating or defaming people

  • Promoting pornography, tobacco or weapons

  • Putting children at risk

  • Using hate speech, inciting terrorism or breaking privacy law

  • Anything that would harm Aiculus’ reputation

  • Anything illegal

  • Any activity infringing a third party's right or privacy, which includes sending/procuring transmission of unsolicited. This also includes unauthorised advertising or promotional material, commonly known as spam

  • Any activity contrary to any relevant standards or codes, which includes generally accepted community standards.


The user cannot charge others for using Aiculus content.

The user cannot do anything that compromises the availability, confidentiality and integrity of the Aiculus website. Such activities include:

  • Hacking the Aiculus website

  • Attempting to bypass our security technology

  • Attempting to access content that a user is not authorised to access

  • Attempting to prevent any other user from using the Aiculus site at any point in time.


We may suspend or terminate your access

Should there be a reasonable opinion that a user has breached these Terms and Conditions, Aiculus reserves the right to suspend or terminate access to all or selected parts of the site at any point time without any notice to the user. Subject to the nature of the breach and depending on where it occurred, Aiculus may at its discretion, report to the relevant law enforcement authorities within Australia or Singapore. If there's further investigation, Aiculus will co-operate with the relevant authorities which may also include disclosing the user’s identity to them.

If a user is sharing or republishing any of the Aiculus content, the user must do the following:

  • Use the latest version

  • Make sure content is displayed accurately

  • Give reference and/or credit appropriately.

Aiculus is not liable for anything that happens to the user if they use Aiculus content.

We will consider any requests to use the Aiculus logo provided they are consistent with the Aiculus’ reputation and values. Any use of Aiculus logos and trademarks must be used with the Aiculus' prior written consent.


The user will need a user account to use some of our services. To keep your account safe, the user must not:

  • Share their username or password with anyone else

  • Provide false information on the Aiculus forms

  • Try to log in as someone else

  • Try to bypass the Aiculus security measures

  • Create more than one account

  • Create an account for someone else.

Additionally, Aiculus is not liable for anything that happens if:

  • The user relies on advice, data, commentary, opinions or any other content

  • There are errors, omissions, interruptions, delays, bugs or viruses

  • Aiculus turns off or removes content, services or external links for legal reasons, or if we’re improving a service.

Third party sites

Our site may contain links to websites operated by third parties who are affiliated or partner with Aiculus in some way. However, Aiculus does not endorse, approve, control and does not hold any liability for the contents published on those websites. As a result, Aiculus and/or any of its employees are indemnified for any damage or loss which may arise from the use of those contents. We highly recommend that users make their own investigation to evaluate the suitability of those websites and the contents therein.

For any other queries regarding these Terms and Conditions, please email

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