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Resources for your API journey

Below you will find the product datasheet, case studies of how customers are using the Aiculus API Protector, white-papers and more.

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Product Data Sheet: The Aiculus API Protector

Latest edition

Don’t let the power of APIs be a double-edged sword.
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Case study: Sleek

FinTech Case Study

See how this FinTech is taking on the opportunities and risks that come with APIs
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White Paper: API Security, Visibility & Privacy in the Financial Sector.

Nov 2021

Insights into real-time API security and privacy in partnership with Sleek and Assembly Payments in Singapore
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eBook: Effective API Security for Financial Services


In collaboration in Synpulse, the full eBook with expert insights and strategies to effectively safeguard your API landscape
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White Paper: Detecting Anomalies in API Traffic using Machine Learning

October 2022

Anomaly Detection on API calls with Unsupervised Machine Learning Algorithms
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Case Study: Forticode 

July 2020

See how Forticode were able to evolve their product from rules-based to AI with Aiculus.
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Report: 2023 Aiculus API Security Market Insights

May  2023

Aiculus API Security Market Insights Report 2023
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Report: 202 Aiculus API Security Market Insights

May 2022

Insights and perspectives on the API economy
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