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Here are some resources to help provide context on our solution, various use-cases and informative whitepapers we've published over the course of our journey.



Forticode is a Melbourne-based software company that provides authentication, eSigning and workflow approval solutions.

In the Aiculus AI engine, Forticode saw an opportunity to improve Cipherise without creating complex exception rules that were hard to maintain, and without frustrating users.

By using our AI engine to screen and risk-rate every authentication request, Cipherise could:
  • Effortlessly monitor good and bad requests 

  • Gain richer visibility of usage patterns, including the risk analysis of each access request.

Test results and outcomes

  • Using just 5% of the Cipherise dataset, the Aiculus AI engine was able to achieve 90% prediction accuracy.

  • The immediate feedback to Forticode was, firstly, that training a commercially useful AI engine for Cipherise would not be data-intensive for this task.

  • Secondly, hundreds of thousands of data points would not be needed to produce a market-ready AI-augmented version of Cipherise.

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