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What I learned at Aiculus

Having completed a series of AWS Certifications, I was excited when Aiculus offered me an internship to do some market and competitor intelligence research, and to provide strategic recommendations based on my findings. I was delighted that this would give me the opportunity to put my AWS knowledge into practice since the Aiculus product is hosted on AWS infrastructure and is also on the AWS Marketplace.

My internship at Aiculus in April 2022 started with a bang. I was flung deep into the world of cyber security, Artificial Intelligence (AI), innovation and entrepreneurship. It was great to immerse myself into these domains. The Aiculus API security product uses Machine Learning (ML) algorithms to analyse API traffic flow to give customers deeper insights into the ‘when’, ‘what’ and ‘how’ of their API traffic, yet still maintaining customer privacy. I may be biased, but I came to the conclusion that from a customer value perspective, the Aiculus API Protector is a great product that gives companies insights into their API traffic volume, timing and identifies anomalies that fall outside ‘customised baseline’ traffic.

Where does Aiculus fit in to the big picture of Cyber Security?

To answer this question, I started my investigation into the broader landscape of companies offering API Security that utilise AI/ML capabilities, I realised a few key differences in companies and products.

Although API Security is a truly global service for those companies that provide it, the approach and target markets vary significantly. A key observation is that one group of companies are heavily funded, valuation chasing outfits from Silicon Valley, whilst others take a more sustained and long-term approach. Aiculus is one of those latter companies. Given the relatively small capital that Aiculus has raised to-date, they’ve achieved a lot with it. The company is ISO 27001 certified, the product is listed on AWS Marketplace and flagship customers have extend their subscriptions and increased API coverage of the Aiculus product. Not to mention the 12 month technology innovation collaboration project on API security that Aiculus undertook with a government department in Singapore. I needed no further convincing that what Aiculus has built is truly innovative, essential and both financially and technically accessible to so many businesses.

The Aiculus Advantage

As a father of three boys, a former physics teacher and having spent the last 15 years in the asset management industry, I can safely say my key moments of success and achievement have been when I’ve employed flexible thinking and taken calculated risks. To step into an internship with Aiculus, I’ve had to employ them again. So, it was interesting to observe the Aiculus team also employ flexible thinking in bringing this key API security product to market.

I completed my market research and presented the findings to Aiculus. I reported several tangible advantages that Aiculus has in the current market - It’s what I call the Aiculus Advantage.

The Advantage of the Long term - Aiculus are single-mindedly looking at the long term. Their general approach to building their technology, the focus on flawless execution rather than speed; sustainable growth supported by consulting. The long term product roadmap and category expansion. I wondered about it and then I realised this is the advantage they continue to exploit to thrive.

The Geographical Advantage – Based in Melbourne and having established international business relationships in regions where their competitors do not is an edge this company can carry forward into the foreseeable future. This is clearly an opportunity and a challenge for Aiculus since these regions are also the least invested in API security.

The Advantage of Diversity– Aiculus employs a small, yet diverse staff base - it's like a highly tuned machine. Each team member brings incredible skill and know-how to their roles to contribute to the long-term company vision. (See Blog Post 21st Dec 2021 What I’ve learnt building the Aiculus team by Solo Kombani). Spending time with the team, I could see why each of these individuals have been pivotal in getting the company to where it is today.

Looking Ahead

I have loved my time at Aiculus and hopefully had a positive impact on the team in terms of strategic decision making. I have no doubt that Aiculus will have another great year of learning, growth and success this year and well into 2023. The world is ready for better API security, and it’s available now, just ask Aiculus.


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