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Aiculus community update 2024

Since the founding of Aiculus, we’ve sent out annual updates to our community of investors, partners and collaborators, customers, and everyone else who follows our story. This year, our update brings exciting news of our business’s evolution and expansion overseas.

What we believe

There was a time when reading a physical map was the best technology to get to any place, and a printed phone-book was the most convenient way to look up a business’s (or person’s) phone number. There was a time when the memory of today’s average smart phone could not fit in anyone’s pocket, let alone be held in your hand. All of these things have now changed, thanks to technology. At Aiculus, we recognise the potential of technology in our lives and we strive to be at its’ forefront.

What we’ve done

You’ll recall that Aiculus started with an innovative product that helps businesses strengthen the security of their APIs. Later, we decided to maximise our skills to broaden our offerings. We’d found that many companies had their own unique problems, many of which could not be immediately solved with our product. These businesses were eager to work with Aiculus in spite of them not having APIs to secure. With this context, we’ve expanded our value proposition to meet these customers where they are. Ultimately, we help these businesses modernise their APIs, and potentially use our product to secure, monitor and draw insights from them.

Our new approach allows us to earn trust and credibility over time, while we build solid relationships that usually give us greater exposure to an organisation than we would have had otherwise. To date we have:

·      Worked with two central banks, one in Asia and one in Africa

·      Designed and architected an AI engine that powers a graphic design platform

·      Conducted the technical experiments and background research to help a Southeast Asian country introduce API security regulation

·      Designed a national digital payment system

·      Built a new API security architecture for a digital bank

·      Designed an innovation strategy and roadmap for a telco.

For a company that is after impact, these projects, which took place in USA, Southeast Asia and Africa, represent our new ideal customers.                

Where we’re headed    

We’re constantly getting valuable insights from our customers, and we’ll continue to use this feedback to evolve our API security product and add more products to our portfolio over time. In keeping true to our ideal of impact through technology, we’re taking on more ‘frontier-type’ engagements that expand and deepen our technology and impact footprint. Over the next few years, Aiculus will onboard more organisations as we continue to be a trusted partner in transformational projects and bolster the security of their API technology stacks.

In 2024, we’re proud to announce the opening of our Africa office in Botswana. Like many others, we see Africa as a continent of immense potential, but we also see the differentiated role Aiculus plays in Africa beyond technology and business. Meanwhile in Australia, the annual Ballarat Cybersecurity survey and executive briefing is one of our new local-impact initiatives.  

At a personal level, Aiculus continues to provide my team and I with amazing opportunities, in addition to ongoing personal and professional development. A key career highlight for me in 2023 was my appointment as Professor (Adjunct) at Federation University, and as Board Director at the Newsboys Foundation.  As Aiculus embraces the current year, I reflect proudly on the growth the business has undergone and the impact we had in 2023.


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