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Effective API Security for Financial Services

In light of recent API breaches, Aiculus and Synpulse, an international management consulting and technology company; valued partner to many of the world's largest financial services providers, have joined forces to design API security architecture frameworks for digital banks. We're excited to offer this valuable resource in the form of a free eBook, which delves into critical aspects of enhancing API security.

Application programming interfaces (APIs) have become an indispensable component of organisations’ technology stacks. They serve as a vital link, facilitating a seamless connection between different systems and enabling customers to interact with the organisations’ services. The importance of APIs has witnessed remarkable growth, making them a crucial element for organisations that leverage their capabilities.

Problem with the current API security

Many companies rely on a single layer of API security, typically using a web application firewall and an API gateway. However, this traditional approach is no longer effective, as recent statistics show that over 80% of API attacks occur beyond this initial defence. This highlights the need for a more comprehensive security strategy.


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