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  • Writer's pictureDr Wilson Alberto Torres

My Aiculus Journey: Lessons and reflections

In May 2021 I reflected on my first 6 months at Aiculus, and share that one of the things that drew me to Aiculus was the story of the company, and the appeal of contributing to this great story-in-the-making. Almost 2 years later, I leave Aiculus with gratefulness that I've fulfilled this wish and most importantly that I've been a part of the Aiculus story.

Thinking back, I still remember that daunting feeling of being responsible for driving the technological aspect of "real time API monitoring". Moulding the Aiculus API Protector into a scalable cloud product seemed technically impossible, and yet with some grit and determination today it is available on the AWS Marketplace and used by organisations in different parts of the world. Work has commenced to get it onto Azure next, then Google cloud. What was first just a thought, then an idea, is now becoming an innovative product that is keeping customers’ APIs secure.

Working in a start-up demands that one be multifaceted, and I’ve had the opportunity to engage not just in my own portfolio, but more broadly across the business. Technically solving problems that would set Aiculus apart from others. We’ve built trust across a diverse array of countries, cultures, and ways of doing business. From deployments to consulting on overall API strategy and digitisation, the work has at times been relentless but that’s a good problem to have, and confirmation that my time and effort thus far have been spent in the right space.

This has all been in the backdrop of a global pandemic, and we’ve all had our own experiences here, and for those of us with family abroad it’s had another layer of complexity. Becoming a father for the first time has also been another milestone, challenge, and opportunity I've shared with my team at Aiculus. The responsibilities that Omaru, our CEO trusted me with have stretched me to grow even more in further directions. These are experiences I continue to draw on as I look ahead, the importance of resilience, a value I share with Aiculus.

Under pressure, heat and time, diamonds are forged. Ensuring the success of the API economy by sufficient, multi-layered security remains one of the biggest challenges of the API economy.


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