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Aiculus partners with DigiEx to optimise product scale

When Aiculus was founded, we saw an increasing adoption of APIs as templates of innovation. This trend has continued, and the need to secure these APIs remains as critical as the APIs themselves. In order to more effectively scale our product deployments while integrating seamlessly with varying technological setup, Aiculus has partnered with DigiEx Group. This partnership enhances our technical support, maintenance and continuous product improvement and allows us to fast-track customer integrations and deployments.

Partnering with DigiEX, has given us access to more than 30 globally experienced developers with expertise spanning HealthCare, Education, Finance, Ecommerce, Retail, Logistic, Cloud & Security. Aiculus now has instant access to a dedicated offshore development centre that enables us to scale, and take on larger, complex deployments. With an API economy that sprawls across different industries and use cases, the diversity of experience and expertise will be advantageous as we continue to focus on growth while providing the best customer experience.

On landing this strategic partnership, the CEO of Aiculus Dr Omaru Maruatona said “There is a saying that if you want to go fast, go alone, and if you want to further, go with others. Scaling our product and capability in an effective manner for Aiculus means doing it with others. This is why the partnership with DigiEx is exciting for us”

Speaking on behalf of DigiEX, CEO Johnny Le said “Partnering with Aiculus extends our capabilities allowing us to deliver cybersecurity technology implementation, and enhance our AI capabilities”

As organisations become more aware of API vulnerabilities, and API security incidents become more commonplace, Aiculus is more better positioned than ever to assist with an effective solution that provides security, visibility and privacy. Book a demo today


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